Winsing Animation to launch new IP ‘Super10’ and fresh toy lines -

Winsing Animation to launch new IP ‘Super10’ and fresh toy lines

Winsing 2021 new toy line rollout conference was held in Guangzhou from 17-19 September. During the conference, Winsing unveiled a new IP Super10 and rolled out its new toys line. All the major toy wholesalers and retailers across China attended the events and witnessed this exciting moment. 

This autumn toys series includes brand new properties Super10, GOGO BUS, GG BOND: Dino Diary and many more and got very positive feedback among the distributors. Super10 is a new developing property which is co-developed by Winsing Animation and South Korean leading toys company Young Toys. The design of Super10 is inspired from the dinosaurs. Each toy could be switched into a warrior and a dinosaur/beast form. It’s the story about a group of kids unintentionally awaken Super10, the beasts from thousands years ago, when they are on the journey to collect the Archean Stones. The Archean Stones were hidden in the past and scattered around the world by Archean Protectors, so the kids go back to the dinosaur era and start their journey to find all the Stones. Eventually, they defend the Earth and Stones against the villain Omega Army.

The first season of Super10 is planned to launch on all major TV channels and VOD platforms in China on 30 September. In addition, GOGO BUS series toys landed at Amazon. Its spin-off TV series Team S.T.E.A.M.! season four is also set to premiere on 1 October in China. 

To promote the new contents and products, Winsing has scheduled diversified marketing plans throughout media distribution, online and offline promotion and activities. With a series of strong promotions, Winsing believes that the new products will have the advantage of occupying the market during fall/winter.

As one of the most influential animation groups in China, Winsing Animation always keeps forging ahead, and its merchandising industry has been in the forefront of the country. With the theme of “more than you know, more than you see” in this release conference, Winsing maintains the goal to provide innovative content and bring the most competitive products for customers.