WildBrain teams up with Alopra to launch its first co-produced series on YouTube

Digital kids’ network and studio, WildBrain has collaborated with Brazil-based animation studio, Alopra to co-produce season two of Hydro and Fluid, a fast-paced, language agnostic, slapstick comedy series on YouTube. This series will mark the first-ever co-production from WildBrain. Under this agreement, WildBrain is acquiring a 50 per cent stake in seasons one and two Hydro and Fluid, highlighting its ongoing strategy to invest in new and original content production. The agreement underscores the studio’s ability to co-produce animated, original content for global audience. Hydro and Fluid are two water capsules who escapes from the laboratory after gaining life in an experiment that went wrong. Through their engaging yet mischievous nature, they showcase different science experiments that can be reproduced by audience members at home. “This agreement builds on WildBrain’s proven ability to manage and grow children’s content on YouTube. In just five months of managing Hydro and Fluid on our network, WildBrain has garnered more than 50 million views and over 200 million minutes of watch time for season one. Now, as co-producers, we’re excited to team up with Alopra for an all-new, original second season of Hydro and Fluid, and we’re confident there’s plenty of room to further grow the YouTube audience for this unique and funny show,” WildBrain head of operations, Jo Parkinson noted. Since signing on to manage season one on YouTube in January 2018, WildBrain has leveraged its branded hub channels and the official Hydro and Fluid channel to amass more than 50 million views and over 200 million minutes of watch time for the series’ content.  Alopra Studio CEO and director of Hydro and Fluid Nicholas Paim added, “We pride ourselves on producing top-notch quality content for kids of all ages to enjoy on YouTube, so who better to team up with than WildBrain, a proven leader in this space? Audiences are sure to love the new Hydro and Fluid content, as it incorporates all the elements of comedy and silliness that they initially fell in love with. With the WildBrain team on board, we look forward to building on the success of the first season.”  With the upcoming second season scheduled to launch on YouTube in July 2018, WildBrain anticipates that it will further grow the series’ online audience and create future potential broadcast opportunities.