WildBrain Spark launches a new YouTube channel to boost children’s literacy 

WildBrain Spark, the digital media division of WildBrain, a popular independent kids’ and family entertainment company, has launched a dedicated channel of subtitled premium content for kids on its YouTube network in support of the Turn on the Subtitles literacy campaign (TOTS). Commenting on the new venture, WildBrain Spark EVP and managing director Jon Gisby said, “We knew we wanted to support this valuable initiative from its inception and have now launched a dedicated 100 per cent subtitled WildBrain Literacy for Kids channel. TOTS has a simple message backed by compelling research and the benefits are significant and important, as well as aligning completely with our values. With kids spending so much time at home viewing content, and parents seeking to support home-learning, this initiative is also incredibly timely.” WildBrain Literacy for Kids channel will feature premium kids’ episodes of content in Same Language Subtitling (SLS). TOTS co-founder Oli Barrett MBE added, “Alongside the support of parents and teachers, we believe that responsible businesses have a potential role to play in improving the literacy of young people around the world. The leadership shown by WildBrain Spark is hugely appreciated and we hope that others will be inspired by their example.”  The TOTS initiative set up by Barrett and Henry Warren and is supported by over 30 government, business, charity and academic leaders. It highlights the substantial benefits of SLS which allows audiences to hear and read the same language, word for word, in perfect timing. Extensive research from academics in countries across the world has shown that turning on the subtitles for children’s content improves literacy significantly, particularly for kids between the ages of six and ten.  WildBrain Spark’s Literacy for Kids channel features popular episodes from its library of premium kids shows including Yo Gabba Gabba, In the Night Garden and Rev & Roll. New episodes will be published weekly and are available globally in English with the channel promoted across the WildBrain Spark network.