VFX Whistling Woods International offered an array of creativity

Whistling Woods International offered an array of creativity

When art meets technology, it can create wonders and the students of Whistling Wood International proved this right with an amazing array of creativity. Whistling Woods International School of Animation and Game Design hosted an art exhibit of its students in the campus over the weekend. The institution which is known for its successful alumni from the filmmaking industry, also is home for budding animators and comic artists. 

Whistling woods International – Mumbai sem 2 student Avighna Rangnekar said, “This exhibition helped me understand the various facets of organising events and also learning different types of animation. This exhibition also helped me get closer to my colleagues as it made us understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other and how to tackle them.”

The students find it easy to approach the faculty as they are very friendly and ever ready to solve their problems and queries.

The exhibition which displayed a wide range of artworks, saw some experts from the industry come and guide the students on various topics. Studio Eeksaurus founder Suresh Eriyat gave a visit to this amazing exhibit and shared his views with the students. He also spoke to them about the various aspects of animation.

Suresh Eriyat with the students

Paper art, clay models, 3D sets, graphic novels, character designs, storyboarding,  games, virtual reality and animated features were amongst the many artworks showcased. The department covers courses including 2D, 3D animation; stop motion; comic; pre—visualisation; 2D, 3D video game design; and virtual reality, and gives a working space to over 140 students.

“The games surely fascinated me more than the other topics presented. I was taken aback by the games that were created by my classmates at such a level. It was truly inspiring,” said Mehek Gursahani.

The institution provides these various segments to give rise to artists’ imagination. The first year is a foundation course, giving knowledge to the students about various segments they can choose from in the second and third year. “As a teacher I am relieved as students choose what they want to and I just guide them. The later years of the course become a process of self discovery,” said Whistling Woods International School of Animation and Game Design  head Yusuf Mehta.

Though the curriculum is pre-planned, courses like pre-visualisation started due to high demand from students, as many are interested in just creating concepts. Mehta focuses on giving weightage to the Indian culture. “We emphasise on exposing this generation to their roots, their tradition and culture. We take students to monuments, art galleries and exhibitions. This creeps into their works,” added he.

The department with the tremendous response received this year has decided to have this exhibit annually. Such displays are a motivation for students and give them a boost to create something better everyday. With a creative sense like this and a supportive faculty, sky’s the limit and these students are the living proof.