#WhenAtHome: Entertaining animated shows for kids this summer on TV and OTT

Quarantine doesn’t seem to end soon. With the further extension of lockdown till 31 May, people will now have to stay home bound most of the time with some relaxations allowed by the Government. Though some aspects of outdoor access have been granted, the COVID numbers seem no stopping. There have been more than 10,000 cases in the past 48 hours! And since children and elders are more prone to the outbreak, it’s advised that they remain indoors.  Keeping kids entertained indoors is not an easy job especially in these challenging times. Hence, last time we brought a list of few shows that would tickle the funny bones of the young minds and keep them entertained and engaged. Now, we are back with another few to help kids drive the lockdown blues away: 1. Sofia the First Sofia the First tells the story of Sofia, an average girl whose life changes completely when her mother marries the king.  Throughout her journey she discovers that looking like a princess isn’t difficult at all, but making others feel special is what makes one truly loyal. Sofia is kind and adorable. This little princess with a golden heart goes on to teach values and morals in her own special way.  Where to Watch : Disney Junior and Disney+Hotstar 2. Bheem Ka Daily Dose Chhota Bheem and his different avatars have always wowed kids since this strong hero’s first appearance. Now, kids favourite Bheem, is coming with an array of new series and movies as he embarks on new adventures everyday. Kids can now enjoy fresh episodes and telemovies of Chhota Bheem every day with Bheem ka Daily Dose at 11.30 amIn addition to this, they can also catch new episodes of Super Bheem every afternoon that started from 11 May, Monday to Friday, at 12.30 pm. Where to Watch : POGO 3. ViR: The Robot Boy Premiered on 9 November 2013, ViR: The Robot Boy is an animated kids television series first aired on Hungama TV. It is produced by Cosmos-Maya Studios. The story revolves around Vir, a humanoid robot child with human-like qualities, emotions and superhuman abilities. He is a creation of Dr. Prem Sahay and he lives with him. Dr. Sahay is a kind elderly man who he created Vir for helping others.  ViR: The Robot Boy follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save the day with his quick thinking and a wide array of robotic abilities, along with his closest friends – Chulbul, the pet donkey, 8-year-old Imli and Gintu. Where to Watch : Disney channel, Netflix and SonyLIV 4. Guddu  Guddu tells the story of the titular lion and his friends that run a circus in an all animal world. It is a high on drama show, and stands true to his catch phrase – “Guddu hain naam…Entertainment hain mera kaam.” With dramatic and hilarious dialogues and songs and dance, Guddu has a bollywood essence in it.  This show also introduces a bunch of quirky and fun characters. Besides the lion, there’s Veeru the rhino, Ballu the elephant, Bunty and Babli the flamingo couple and the three monkeys Chugli, Gugli and Ugli. All these characters have a distinct style and language of speaking, thus giving the show a local and regional flavour to it. and . For instance Chugli speaks as a Bengali, Babli as a Gujarati and Veeru as a Punjabi. Created by Cosmos-Maya again, this animated musical is a visual treat for the viewers colorful costumes, portrayal of animal world, character antics and good writing. Where to Watch : Disney channel, Hungama channel and ZEE5 5. Pakadam Pakadai A refreshing take on the cat-and-mouse chase, Pakadam Pakadai is all about a war between Doggy Don and the mice of the house, Motu. Also known internationally as Rat-A-Tat, is an Indian animated chase comedy series, inspired by Oggy and the Cockroaches, which in turn was inspired by Tom and Jerry. The show now telecasts 351 episodes over five seasons. Doggy Don is inspired by Oggy, Chhotu is inspired by Joey, Motu is inspired by Dee Dee, Lambu is inspired by Marky, Colonel is inspired by Jack and Ballu is inspired by Bob the Bulldog.  It’s a truly exciting viewing experience for kids, ensuring that they stay engaged, entertained and happy at home! Where to Watch : Nickelodeon Sonic and VOOT Kids.