When passion defeats paralysis – meet animator Deepak Kshirsagar

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about”- Winston Churchill”

Sometimes life knocks down in ways that we can’t overcome. We find our world collapsing and see no way to proceed. For Phoebus Creations Media animation director Deepak Kshirsagar too, it was no exception. He suffered a stroke and was left paralysed in his right side, which was also his dominant side. His life seemed to have come to a stop as he was unable to continue his profession as an artist and animator. But that’s the thing with human beings. When they’ve suffered enough and has nothing else to lose, they get up and start walking again, driven by passion. Passion for something you love, has kept many individuals going in times of despair and have given them a new ray of hope. Kshirsagar’s case was no different.
Deepak Kshirsagar
While he was recovering, he trained his left hand to draw and animate. He used to regularly practice at home, and after six years of his accident, he started coming to work and has never looked back since. Today, he can confidently draw with his left hand, make characters and animate them which reflects his indomitable spirit, his passion for his art and his devotion towards his craft. AnimationXpress had the opportunity to have a quick chat with this magic man. Read on: 1. What kept you going with life and profession after suffering from stroke? My parents worked and prayed day and night for my speedy recovery. Their love and care was the reason I could stand. As far as making a livelihood was concerned, Phoebus supported me and encouraged me to continue working with them. They gave me a renewed hope to be able to stand on my feet. I started out slow but steady.   2. How challenging and difficult was it to start from scratch, train your left hand and continue with your passion? When I woke up paralysed I felt like I had gone from green pastures to the rocks. Eventually, I embraced my condition and mustered the strength to make my left hand the dominant one. I first started out with letters and numbers, lines, shapes, basic stuff and grew from there. My team cheered for my small victories from time to time which kept me going.  3. What does animation mean to you? Animation is my life’s discipline. It’s a ray of hope in my times of depression.  4. Who inspired and helped you in this journey? My doctor, my family, friends, Phoebus management all stood beside me through these tough days.  5. How has Phoebus Media helped you all this time? Rahul Bakshi, Supriya Thakore, Bhavik Thakore, the directors helped emotionally, career wise, as well as financially to keep the artist in me alive and gave me the confidence to work.  6. What are you currently working on? Currently I’m working on many domestic as well as French and Canadian projects as an animator. 7. Any message you’d like to share for people so that they can take inspiration? If you set your mind to something and work everyday step by step towards it, nothing is impossible. Kshirsagar’s refusal to bow down to his fate and carrying on with undying spirit and passion, is certain to encourage and inspire other artists and individuals to never lose hope or give up – to look beyond what’s in our control and not crib for petty things. All hail, artist!