What went behind the making of ‘Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka’ game

With the rise of digitisation, the gaming sector has grown exponentially.  The current market scenario where game subscriptions and online gaming markets are on the rise, game developers and studios are leveraging the gaming sector and aiming to set newer benchmarks in the industry by the end of 2019. Green Gold Animation is no exception; before the release of the movie Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka on 10 May, the company have come out with a mobile game with a similar title.  In the game, Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka, the player becomes Chhota Bheem and fights six opponents to defeat them.
Rajiv Chilaka
In conversation with AnimationXpress, Green Gold Animation founder and CEO Rajiv Chilaka shared  “To add excitement to the upcoming movie Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka we created a game which is as involving as the story of the movie. The mobile game is an extension of the movie where the player can get trained, play story mode as Chhota Bheem or simply play single player mode where the player can choose to play as and against any character from the upcoming movie. This is an intense action game where the player has to use a lot of moves, combos and power moves to defeat the opponents. This is going to be the first real-time multiplayer game from India when the multiplayer game gets rolled out in May.” Speaking on the expectation he added with  “Kung fu Dhamaka game, our expectation is to set a new benchmark for Indian games. And the audience can expect intense actions, original moves and characters from the very well known universe of CB. There’ll be surprise additions to the game frequently post the release to keep the audience engaged.” Reportedly Green Gold’s technology partner, Gamitronics headed by industry veteran Rajat Ojha, was involved in this project from ideation to creation. The game has incorporated authentic characters, their moves and the movie environment which are the added dynamics of the game. “Our objective was to make it as true to the genes of the movie as possible.” Chilaka added. The ideation and the execution of the game took about four months by the Gamitonics team. Although the designing of the game took a few months and but the entire team jointly took the challenge to complete it on time before the movie’s release. Thus the game development also included a number of challenges according to Chilaka. The first challenge was “to tackle the huge number of animations, which was tough. Further unlike the other games in the market, in Kung fu Dhamaka game we had huge size variation which was pretty hard to implement in a well-balanced game. Over there has been a lot of creative discussions, designing and adapting from the movie theme which the team has executed with excellence. Finally, we also had to ensure that the size of the game is under 100 MB.” Green Gold is targetting the Chhota Bheem fans across the world with the game. Although considering the popularity of the game, kids will be the prime audience who would be consuming mostly. However, the makers are confident that the game might attract teens and parents because of  Chhota Bheem’s new look integrated into deeper gaming modes. Bearing in mind that there is a generation who closely follows and are very much involved in gaming; India is becoming the next big place for gaming. With a dynamic partnership with Gamitronics, the execution of the game apparently became smooth and perfect. “Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka is our biggest movie yet and we felt a game around Kung fu would work wonders for the fans and the movie of course” he added. The game is available on Andriod, iOS as well as VR devices.  For accessibility on VR devices, Green Gold further worked with Gamitronics, known for compelling VR experiences in games and has worked on some of the best attractions around IPs like Resident Evil, Battlefield, Cars from Pixar and many more. Gamitronics was sure that the  VR experience of the game will be a natural progression and will fit well. “The experience will “completely immerse the audience and put them in the shoes of Chhota Bheem and there’s nothing more empowering than feeling that you have the power of the one you idolise” he added. For the Kung Fu Dhamaka game, Green Gold incorporated movie models, reworked on the topology, optimised the characters and introduced the right topology manually. “We had to re-rig all the characters and animate them so they could work perfectly fine and offer a compelling and intense gameplay experience,” adds Chilaka. The popularity of the Chhota Bheem is growing further. This year  Chhota Bheem Kung fu Dhamaka will be the biggest adventure in Chhota Bheem’s journey as the game will be coupled with an upcoming feature film, which is to be released on 10 May across India. Apart from that the studio also plans to launch a Chhota Bheem musical very soon. “This would be a travelling musician and we plan to do this in five cities in India” expressed Chilaka.
Green Gold is very happy with their initial response of the game and with that, they are aiming to spread the wings and set a benchmark in the industry. We wish all the best to Chhota Bheem Kung fu Dhamaka!