VFX VIZ Media's game, 'The World Next Door' will debut in March -

VIZ Media’s game, ‘The World Next Door’ will debut in March

VIZ Media has announced its debut video game, The World Next Door. Produced as a part of an ongoing partnership with indie company Rose City Games, the title is a narrative-driven puzzle battler featuring character designs by Lord Gris.

Jun can hardly believe it. She’s won the lottery and gained permission to enter the portal to the magical world of Embrys. The portal only opens once every two decades and only a privileged few get to experience the city. But Jun, the rebellious 17-year-old that she is, wants to see more. So she winds up venturing into trouble….trouble YOU have to get her out of, even though it’s her fault and not yours. By learning how to activate runes and cast powerful spells, Jun may pull herself out of this predicament yet.

Viz Media and Rose City Games will launch The World Next Door on 28 March, bringing this blend of anime-inspired visuals and puzzle-inspired game play to Mac, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.