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Vimanikopedia: Tales documented through illustrations

Indian mythology has been a subject of deep interest since years, and such will be the case always. Numerous stories have been spun around various elements of mythology, various books have been authored and bold attempts of research and documentation been taken up. Amongst all these is a humble project carried out by Vimanika Comics, going by the name Vimanikopedia.

Designed in the style of a blog or a vlog (video blog), Vimanikopedia is a social arm of Vimanika Comics with a YouTube channel of the same name.

The vlog is a glossary of Indian history and mythology explained with comic-style illustrations by the team of artists from Vimanika. “Each topic that we choose is based on thorough scientific research and is meant to break all myths and hoaxes that people have about ancient Indian epics and civilisations,” explains Vimanika Comics CEO Karan vir Arora.

The Secrets of Mount Kailash was their first video in association with Shailendra Gulhati, with Karan vir Arora scripting and directing it and Jwala doing the illustrations. Their next documentary A Search for the Historical Krishna will be in association with notable mathematician, scholar and a NASA scientist N. S. Rajaram. Vimanika’s coloured sketches and artwork will feature in this video too.

Another interesting project from Arora is Karna Trilogy. The legendary protagonist of Mahabharata and a cult figure of our own mythology enthusiasts takes on a completely new never-before-seen persona in his debut novel The Sixth – The Legend of the Karna, the first installment in his trilogy.

Here is a synopsis: After earning accolades for her service to the sage Durvasa, long before the Mahabharata, a young Kunti receives a boon that is as powerful as immortality itself. Out of an encounter with a God is born the warrior that will change the face of humanity itself. Floating in a cradle, abandoned by his own, the young baby wearing a golden armor and earrings is picked up by a charioteer who adopts the boy as his own.

The clock then shifts into the current world. Turmoil grips Karan Vir, a booming entrepreneur, whose very soul is gripped by repeated nightmares that he cannot even fathom. The trouble brings him to India where a cross of paths with a mysterious Sikh makes him realize that his road is not his own after all. A startling revelation finally opens up his eyes to the wondrous destiny that awaits him.

After twelve long years of study and research, Arora pens down the story of the most debatable character of the epic in this 230 pager novel. He is currently working on the second installment of the trilogy.

While mythology and comics may be an old combination, we look forward to such cocktail of mythology, fiction along with illustrations!