Videogyan to launch comprehensive app Kidzooly and brand new IPs this October

The numbers are going up and up; and so is the set of shows for India’s infotainment YouTube channel Videogyan. Not talking in riddles and cutting to the chase, the passionate team of creators at Videogyan are working on two new IPs – TooToo Girl and Timboo n Tuskar – which will be launched in the coming month, and a new show Minnu and Mintu. “Our IP TooToo Boy has gained popularity in few months of its launch and we were getting lots of requests for a girl character so we are bringing TooToo Girl series,” says Videogyan co-founder and CEO Vishal Thatti. Similar to the TooToo Boy series, this will be short and funny with a little twist in the end of each episode. The new show Timboo n Tuskar is about two cavemen partners who often get in trouble for their deeds. They love to play pranks on each other but fall in their own traps. The episodes involve prehistoric objects which Timboo and Tuskar are seen using. Minnu and Mintu, the existing IP for songs will be launched as a show that will explore the myths and mysteries of the universe. Mintu is a curious monkey who keeps asking questions to the ever patient Minnu. Apart from the new shows, the team is working on the existing series Zool Babies and TooToo Boy. “Our team has come up with many more interesting concepts for these existing shows and we can’t wait to see them on screen,” shares Vishal. Both the shows have received an overwhelming response on YouTube. Zool Babies has clocked more than 300 million views for all 25 videos that have been released till date; and TooToo Boy which was launched in February this year has close to 70 million views. “We are open for tie-ups with new distributors but we are very selective in choosing the right partner,” mentions Vishal. With presence on a few platforms in countries like USA and China, Videogyan has received an overwhelming response. Currently available in five languages (English, Telugu, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese), there are plans to launch the channels in other Indian and international languages like German, Russian and Arabic as well. “We will be distributing all the content with lots of activities for kids in our upcoming comprehensive kids app called Kidzooly,” he reveals. Amongst their various apps (at least 10) on the mobile app stores, Kidzooly will be the biggest app which will include songs, shows, stories, activities, learning and lots more. The beta is already released in few markets as it is still in testing phase. The app will be launched in the month of October. The digital platform has 6.5 million subscribers from all its channels and total page views ranging from 200 to 250 million a month. And the numbers are only expected to rise with the whole lot of activities and launches!