Valiant comics’ ‘Bloodshot’ to star Vin Diesel in titular role

After over six years since the announcement of a movie, Bloodshot finally has a face as Vin Diesel has been roped in to portray the gun-toting soldier on the big screen. Based on the popular character from Valiant Entertainment comics, the movie will be directed by Dave Wilson, who was conferred on the project in March last year as the production now sees the light of the day having hit the buffers all this while. Bloodshot, co-created by Bob Layton, Don Perlin and Kevin VanHook in 1992, is an ex-army man whose memory has been wiped out several times by being subjected to electrochemical device nanomachine, and is out to avenge the perpetrator who did this to him. However, he accidentally ended up gaining superpowers of regeneration and meta-morphing through the experiment, that he later uses to right the wrongs and in bringing the wrongdoers to justice. His brawny appearance will now be fittingly complemented by the Fast and Furious star, who will be seen donning the role of a superhero for the very first time. Jared Leto was rumoured to be in talks for the role initially, but the speculations have now been put to bed. Little is known about the script while a release date is not yet confirmed, though further developments are expected in the near future. The original Bloodshot comics released in 1993 had eight editions, before a reboot series in 2012 that featured six volumes. A new line of Bloodshot comics titled Bloodshot Reborn, was launched three years later.