VFX Vaibhav More Films made this years' Halloween spookier with Vodafone Zoozoo

Vaibhav More Films made this years’ Halloween spookier with Vodafone Zoozoo

Vodafone’s Zoozoo is all dressed up in a spooky Halloween DIY and the animation team behind this avatar is from Vaibhav More Films. “The idea of scary makeup tips was given to me by the Ogilvy digital creative team. My job was to make it look funny and expressive with a reminder value,” said Vaibhav More Films founder Vaibhav More.

The pre-existing characters of Zoozoo are already a benefit to work with as they are so well established in the viewers mind and are popular. The team at the animation studio had to just take the story of Zoozoo ahead with the given situation. More added, “The gag really worked for me as horror and humour is a really interesting space to work in. I really loved working on it.”

Due to the supertight deadline, a small team of three pulled this job in five working days. With animation, storyboard and design done by More himself, Rohan Bhalerao worked as CG head with junior CG artist Pravin Badiger and sound design by Roto Shah. The Ogilvy creative team have added value to this Halloween spot with their inputs.

With the digital age being accepted by brands largely, promotional activities on social media platforms are having a high reach. The brands use these platforms to push their content to the audience no matter where they are based. “I love working on these platforms as the feedback and number of hits really shows how well your work is accepted,” added More. More feels that telling a story in 15 seconds really pushes one’s brain to think more and do less. “That’s the best feeling,” says he.

This latest spooky addition to the Zoozoo family is going to mingle in our minds for quite some time now. Having some cute Zoozoo nightmares already?