US-based Gas Money Pictures launch three new animated shows at Cannes Film Festival

It’s raining animation shows at Gas Money Pictures, a US-based independent Film and Animation Studio, who premiered three of its next cartoon shows at the 71st Cannes Film Festival Marche Du Film. The makers of the C-084 and Earth Year 2020 presented the next set of its productions; each of which brings a unique story of its own. Dinosaur Attack! on Kung Fu Island is an animated adventure that features two friends Steven and Mawnie, being thrust into a game where they encounter giant holographic and robotic dinosaurs at regular intervals. Armored with only a tiny sword, the ragtag duo find the going difficult as bigger and stronger creatures befall them. However, they soon discover Master Shifu, the curator of the Kung Fu Island, who then imparts them with ancestral ways of kung fu. Steven and Mawnie embrace the Chinese martial arts and then execute it to progress to level 30 of the Island, and hope to get back home soon. Animated adult comedy Hollywould traces the shenanigans of two washed-up screenwriters as they try to mount a comeback in their respective careers, all the while burning the candle at both ends to keep themselves afloat. The show entails a series of hysterical events as well as spoofs, as the characters, depicted by fruits nuts and flakes, are embroiled in daily struggles of routine work whilst also trying to establish themselves in the entertainment industry. Love espionage thrillers? Aliens invasions on earth? No, we are not talking about The Predator. Gas Money Pictures packs it all into the family drama Mr.Wiggles Saves the World, a multi-episode series that chronicles the life of a raggle-taggle family making their abodes in a farm, unbeknownst to the secret government operatives lying doggo in their basement. And also, there’s a pet dog of theirs, who protects the world from the aliens that try to invade the planet. All the three shows are available on television as well as streaming services in the US and Europe, while the studio would also be trying to establish its presence in China in near future.