VFX Digitoonz working on multiple service projects and IP

Upcoming catalogue of Digitoonz includes service work and IP development

It’s just been a month since noted Indian animation studio, Digitoonz Media and Entertainment opened a branch in Kolkata, and they’re already working on multiple projects.

Specialising in 2D and 3D animation, Digitoonz is a full-service animation production company that has worked on several animated TV series and feature films across different genres. So far, their strength has been primarily 2D animation and now are pushing themselves to enhance their 3D animation, capability in CGI and VFX pre-production. 

Vikas Kumar

Shared Digitoonz CEO Vikas Kumar with Animation Xpress, “We are working right now on multiple shows, two of the recently finished shows are Rick & Morty and Glitch Tech which are now streaming on Netflix. It’s a big satisfaction that we got the opportunity to work on both the shows. We are also working on eleven projects, handling from both Delhi (seven projects) and Kolkata (four projects) studio. Besides that, we are also working with a Pune based Partner studio on some commercial projects. We can proudly say all the projects we are working on right now belong to bigger platforms and major parts of the assignments are handled in house.”

With a manpower of 350 artists, Digitoonz’s previously finished shows Mirette Investigate was broadcasted on TF1, France and Sony YAY! India. Co-production has been working well for them and have successfully finished two seasons of Misha the Purple Cat (26 x 7 and 52 x 7) and right now working on the third season of 52 episodes of seven minutes which is scheduled to be finished by this year end.

Added further Digitoonz production head Mantosh Kumar, “We are working on some high end TV series which is scheduled to be finished by 2021 which of course is a long form of work. Another CGI project we are working on is a feature film project. We are all set for the big year ahead.”

Though mostly, they are working on co-production projects at the moment, the Digitoonz team are constantly working on exploring ideas and concepts to come up with IP of international standard.

Mantosh Kumar

Said Mantosh, “Yes. We are working on an IP but right now it’s on very initial stage. Our test team is engaged in some potential test and pilot project for our future projects. We have done several high quality animated work so we know how the pipeline works from start to end. While working on overseas projects for years now, we are able to see the difference between domestic and international content and what audiences consume. In order create an IP one need to focus on –

  1. Need of potential writer who can take the story and existing design in constructive and convincing script form.
  2. Funds
  3. Platform to broadcast

We want to do something better with the IP than what we are doing so far as a service provider. Hence, we are working on all three dimensions to reach our goal.”

Previously, serving as the project manager, Mantosh is presently handling five different projects – 2D Harmony Animation and CGI, with the help of production coordinator and animation supervisors.