UnderDOGS studio is set to release their upcoming game ‘Ultimate Parking Simulator’

UnderDOGS Gaming Studio will be releasing its all new driving simulator game on Apple store on 18 January. Made in Unity with realistic art style, this game has already gained fair popularity among gamers of all ages even before it’s slated release. Ultimate Parking Simulator has won the Best Upcoming Game of the year award as well as Best Pitch for Gamesbond at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2016 in Hyderabad. The free to play (FTP) game will be released on Google next week under the Simulation genre and will eventually be targeting Tizen and Windows in coming weeks. Ultimate Parking Simulator Ultimate Parking Simulator is a ‘one stop destination’ for the parking and driving enthusiasts as it sports numerous kind of vehicles in one game. Right from cars, trucks, buses, trailers to ambulances, one can drive almost everything. The game has realistic physics involved making it even more challenging to carry goods from one location to the destination without dropping them off the trucks. The cars have a speed parking theme which lets players race and reach the parking spots, whereas for the buses and trailers, it’s more interesting to see a player drive carefully through thin roads reaching the destinations. The game consists of four weathers – day, night, rain and snow which the players can unlock using the stars collected throughout the game. With around 16 vehicles and more to come, a player is likely to get a different experience with each vehicle. The game depicts four cameras and also includes a cockpit mode where a player can drive with a feeling of sitting inside the vehicle. The city is huge and neat with realistic art style and the game consists of 100 levels and as announced by the developers, there are around 50 more coming in an update very soon that will include precision parking. Simulation games have been gaining much popularity in the recent times. A good example would be Hyderabad based Timuz Games’ Train Simulator 2016 which reached up to the 5th spot on Google Play store recently.