Playizzon launches the prelude to ‘Sachin Saga’ titled ‘Sachin Saga Warm Up’

JetSynthesys today announced the launch of a unique game on cricket, ‘Sachin Saga Warm Up’ under its gaming arm Playizzon. The company is associated with the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, who ‘trains’ the players to gain expertise in playing the game. Sachin Saga Warm Up is a 2:2:2 (2 player, 2 over, 2 minute) batting game, where players across the globe can compete in real time. This 2 minute powerplay apparently allows users to get assistance from Sachin himself on shot selection based on where the ball pitches and what kind of delivery it is. The game targets people belonging to the age group of 8 years – 45 years and is also going to be made available in seven languages. Sachin Saga Warm Up adheres a freemium model, allowing advertisements and users to make in-app purchases. It also gives ardent fans of Sachin Tendulkar an opportunity to win some exciting official signed merchandize. The winner of the game with maximum points will be rewarded by Sachin Tendulkar during the launch of Sachin Saga later this year. Commenting on the launch of the game JetSynthesys, vice chairman, MD and CEO, Rajan Navani said, “We’re truly excited to announce Playizzon’s latest game Sachin Saga Warm Up, which will serve to be a community builder for the blockbuster game Sachin Saga out later this year. We feel the uniqueness of the 2-2-2 concept comes out beautifully through this game in today’s fast paced digital world when attention span and time are drastically reduced.” Sharing his thoughts on the game Sachin Tendulkar said, “The Sachin Saga Warm-up will serve as a prequel to “Sachin Saga” where gamers across age groups can play an exciting new format of cricket digitally! I look forward to receiving the feedback as users play each delivery on its merit.” This is not the first instance of the company launching an independent celebrity game, previously they had released, Being Salman in association to the Bollywood star himself.