Twitter introduces GIF button to enhance engagement

After continuous initiatives, Twitter will roll out a GIF button on iOS, Android, and the web. This dedicated GIF button that will allow you to search GIFs from Giphy and Riffsy to easily add them to your tweets. So, it makes the entire process simpler as you can just tap it and search for GIFs using keywords, and then insert them into your tweets and direct messages with a tap. Also, you will be able to browse by category or search by keywords to help you find just the one you are looking for. Native GIF search is a part of messaging apps from Tinder to Facebook Messenger but soon Twitter will have this feature too. GIFs have become a medium of pop culture as the illustrating moving images keep the users engaged and interested. Also, this effort may help increase the user base of Twitter as this GIF feature will add colour, graphic, creativity, variation and innovation to the social media.