Prasad Sutar wins Best Visual Effects for ‘Bajirao Mastani’ at Zee Cine Awards 2016

The visually pleasing film Bajirao Mastani did its magic at the Zee Cine Awards 2016 held on 20 February at Mumbai as it won the Best Film (Jury) award for the year 2015. Well how could the visual effects of the film go unrecognised, therefore the Best Visual Effects award was also bagged by the VFX supervisor Prasad Sutar for Bajirao Mastani. The historical romance drama film cemented its spark during the award ceremony as it emerged victorious in as many as 10 categories including the Jury Award for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Director and Best Actress (Viewers’ Choice). While, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Piku too baffled the audience by its achievements and acknowledgements in various categories. Delivering over 1800 VFX shots for Bajirao Mastani, Prasad Sutar supervised the entire visual effects production along with his team of NY VFXWAALA which is a division of Ajay Devgn Films. According to the VFX team, almost all the frames of the film had a VFX component and each sequence demanded an essence of history, romance and culture. So, right from background creation, designing the rich exquisite palace, the battle sequence, multiplication of the crowd, costumes to several other components like horses and weapons were visually created to suit the era of history and traditional relevance of culture. Most of the VFX work is generally completed during post- production, but in Bajirao Mastani the team of NY VFXWAALA had carefully planned and designed pre-production at a very early stage. It took around two to three months for pre-produton while post-production was completed in two months. Under the guidance of Prasad Sutar, Associate VFX supervisor Prashant Ramesh Sartape and Sanjiv Naik contributed considerable amount of work for the film. The veteran VFX supervisor, Prasad Sutar, is known for his visual effects work in over 100 films including films like Barfi!, Ram-Leela and Dilwale. After bagging the Star Screen Awards 2016 for Best Visual Effects for Bajirao Mastani, the VXF mastermind is honoured by another feather to his hat with the Zee Cine Awards.
Prasad Sutar (Left), VFX Supervisor for Bajirao Mastani