VFX TVAGA brings in AVGC Cricket League to promote integrity among studios in Telangana -

TVAGA brings in AVGC Cricket League to promote integrity among studios in Telangana

TVAGA (Telangana VFX, Animation and Gaming Association), in an attempt to bring the AVGC industry of Telangana closer, had launched the AVCG Cricket League on 11 June. The cricket tournament was held exclusively for animation, VFX, and gaming companies and academies located in Telangana.

According to TVAGA, the event was not about winning and losing but to gather all companies to celebrate integrity which they believe is an essential characteristic of a healthy ecosystem. The AVG Cricket League was divided into two separate tournaments. One was among the academies and the other among production houses. 24 Production houses and 16 Academies participated in the respective tournaments.

The finale of these tournaments took place on 22 July at VB Cricket Club, Vattinagulapalli, Hyderabad. Principal IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan was present as the chief guest. The final match saw Rotomaker going up against Digital Domain. The latter won the toss and chose to field first. In their first innings Rotomaker scored 119 runs. With a good effort in the second half, Rotomaker emerged as the winner.

In another final match between IACG and DQ Academy, the latter managed to win the trophy.  IACG (126/10) vs DQ Academy (129/9).

Ranjan, who was invited as a chief guest for the event said, “Nearly 20,000 employees are sharing their expertise to assist in taking the industry to an international level. TVAGA is doing phenomenal job in conducting an event like this to keep the enthusiasm alive in the industry.”

It was a cup of joy for Rotomaker VFX Studios founder Yatham Madhav Reddy (Mike), who reportedly sponsored the entire league, as his team managed to grab the title in the production house category. He said “This tournament enabled many companies to be part of the healthy sportive environment. By encouraging as many companies participating in events like this, TVAGA intends to communicate that the AVCG industry in Telangana is much bigger than it looks and abundant with opportunities to individuals who want to pursue a career in media & entertainment.

TVAGA was launched on 2 December, 2017 as an organisation to keep a tab and to promote the AVGC industry in Telangana. Since then, the body has been active in AVGC-related events in the state and plans to further promote it as a destination for Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics.