VFX Treble Comics releases a new webcomic ‘A Song of Heroes’ -

Treble Comics releases a new webcomic ‘A Song of Heroes’

The flourishing web-comics scene has been able to cater to a wide variety of audiences over the past decade. Manga-style webcomics have carved out their own niche with a multitudinous fan-following all across the globe.

Recently Treble Comics released their new webcomic A Songs of Heroes which is all set to dazzle the fans with intricately drawn figures and fantastic artwork by India-based artists Jazyl Homavazir, Santosh Pillewar and Khushnaz Bode.

Written by Patrick Ireland, A Song of Heroes is a story of a fictional land, abode to a multiplicity of races, whose peace is disturbed by a tyrannical RedWizard. Unicra, Bear-arms. Hiproar and Stingor do their best to protect the planet.

A Song of Heroes webcomic artist Jazyl Homovazir shared, “It has been so much fun developing the series along with Patrick right from character designs to working on the actual story. We are doing our best to thrill the audience with a full-colour series with vibrant characters and a brilliant and epic unfolding story. Plus, it is amazing that Indian artists like me, Santosh and Khushnaz are getting an opportunity to work on a series published in the US. It’s been a great experience drawing this book & we will work even harder to keep this going. All we need is your support.”

The Land Of Emphyria is a high fantasy world with a multitude of races living in harmony. That peace, however, is in jeopardy as the tyrannical Red Wizard seeks the mysterious Protoskull, a relic that could bring Chaos to the world and was banished by the Creators eons ago. Now an unlikely hero named Eddic must rise up and take up the mantle of the Mighty Skaldor.  Gathering allies from various kingdoms his quest is to retrieve the ProtoSkull before the Red Wizard gains its power. The road is long & hard with danger waiting at every turn but, alongside friends like Unicra, Bear-arms, Hiproar, and Stingor, Skaldor will do his best to protect the planet. Will good prevail or will evil reign supreme over Emphyria…That is a song that will be written as the journey unfolds… A Song of Heroes!

Exuberating over the prospects of the project, A Song of Heroes writer Patrick Ireland said, “I have been so extremely fortunate to get to work with such talented artists from India for this project.  It has been a dream come true bringing the story of A Song of Heroes to life with them and I have forged such wonderful friendships in the process.  Jazyl has a special ability to take my scripts, designs, and stories and not only understand exactly what I intended but enhance the work further.  Together I think we have created a rich and fantastical world and he and the other artists involved have really brought the story and character designs to life in a way that I could never have done without them.  I hope to continue this story for many volumes and take readers on Skaldor’s adventures for years to come.”

Maintaining the overarching theme of multiculturalism that we see in Emphyria, the webcomic itself is a product of a similar confluence of forces from around the world where Indian artists have contributed largely to it. We were able to get an exclusive glimpse into the much-anticipated webcomic recently.

It is also available in print at asongofheroes.com for readers who prefer hard copies. We hope to see more such stellar web-comics in the days ahead.