VFX Toonz Media Group unveils 'Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show' season two

Toonz Media Group unveils season two of The Gummy Bear Show and new series ‘Boo Bah B’

Toonz Media Group, in partnership with Gummybear International has announced the launch  of the second season of their successful animated series Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show” on 13 December.

Toonz Media Group’s new non-dialogue comedy Boo Bah B also just launched exclusively on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app on 30November, strengthening the partnership with the platform.

The hugely successful Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show premiered on YouTube on 24 June 2016 with immediate success. ‘The Surprise Egg,’ the most watched episode of season one, has alone generated more than 36 million views. Overall, the first season has received over 330 million total views on the Gummybear International YouTube Network – the Gummibär centric MCN. With over 12.6 billion total views and over nine million subscribers, Gummibär is the most viewed animated character on the internet.

This second season of Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show, 39×7, continues with the crazy and comical adventures of Gummibär, everyone’s favourite singing and dancing gummy bear character, and his two best friends, Harry the nervous, geeky and gadget-genius chameleon, and Kala the feisty, intelligent gung-ho serval cat.

Adding to the success of the Gummibär brand on YouTube, the outrageous and comical little green bear has become a global entertainment phenomenon with CDs and DVDs released in 27 different languages in over 40 countries and a highly successful consumer products business. The IP goes from strength to strength, and the production and premiering of this second season of the series on YouTube is a result of the huge following the first season generated on the platform.  Toonz’s distribution arm, Imira Entertainment, handles worldwide sales of Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show.

Gummybear International founder Jurgen Korduletsch comments, “We are very excited for the debut of season two of The Gummy Bear Show. We know his fans have been eagerly awaiting new episodes, and we’ve been putting in lots of time and effort to provide them with the highest quality content we can.”

Toonz’s new non-dialogue, slapstick comedy series Boo Bah B 104×5, is also premiering exclusively on YouTube and the YouTube kids app, and follows the exploits of Bah, a self-centred Lion who believes he has the grace of a king, without a kingdom, sets himself on a mission to impress.

Toonz Media Group CEO, P. Jayakumar, comments on the exclusive premieres of its two productions “YouTube is a very important partner for Toonz, and the season one success of The Gummy Bear Show has enabled us, along with Gummybear International, to produce this second season and proudly premiere it exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Kids, extending the Gummy Bear footprint even further around the globe. It has also helped us launch entertaining new family-engaging shows like Boo Bah B which have a strong universal appeal.”

However, a little happy-go-lucky rabbit called Boo, and his alien best-friend, B, are anything but impressed, and they do everything to stop the boisterous Lion in his tracks.