Toon Club joins hands with Poland’s Children’s Art Centre for an online animation project

Toon Club collaborates with Poland’s Children’s Art Centre for an online animation project for children in India and Poland. Supervised by Toon Club founder and principal Tehzeeb Khurana and University of Arts Poznan’s Miłosz Margański, the workshop will have five Indian and five Polish kids in each group.

Research shows that animation appeals to multiple intelligence and a broad variety of learners. Creating an animation movie allows students to use their artistic and creative talents to communicate and tell a story. With creative writing and language skills engaged while writing the script, the principles of storytelling, story structure, characters and settings help children express themselves and experiment.

Art and creativity is encouraged when students draw and animate their stories applying aesthetic principles of design, composition, contrast and visual symbols. Children apply the laws of the natural world to their animation. Persistence of vision, cameras /projection technology, laws of movement, velocity, gravity and metamorphosis are scientific principles that children are exposed to while understanding the principles of animation. With motor skills, hand-eye coordination and the ability to repeat a drawing is developed.

“Animations with young minds have the power to emote, educate and empower. Virtual collaborations are the silver lining amidst the storm we are struck with. The world has shrunk further as people are reaching out and collaborating. You are not limited by distance anymore. Hope to have many more cross border collaborations in the near future,” said Toon Club founder and principal Tehzeeb Khurana. 

Poland Consulate in Mumbai also tweeted about the project stating, “Why does Poland boast an impressive array of well-respected and accomplished animators? Because they start early! Check this great initiative by Mumbai ToonClubIndia and Poznan Children’s Art Centre.”

Two passionate art creators from two different countries come together, join hands and are on their way to create some more amazing work, with talented kids in both the countries. Kudos to you two!