Rana Daggubati eyeing animation projects for the next two years

Popular actor-producer, Rana Daggubati is presently working on a pipeline of animation projects, and has urged independent filmmakers to make more stories for the streaming platforms owing to the pandemic.

Daggubati put forth his ideas at the ‘CII Lifestyle and Wellness Summit’ webinar that was held lately. He felt that this is the right time for independent filmmakers to tell their stories on OTT platforms and to explore different mediums and. Chaired by Jalachari Ella, the session with Daggubati saw discussion on his work and lifestyle. Daggubati mentioned that he has worked towards creating a pipeline of animation projects for the next two years.

With live-action projects being stalled and starting to resume again slowly, he said, “I feel like I found another job quickly. Finding things that excites you means it doesn’t have to be big and doesn’t have to be like our main business. I like to explore multiple realms of entertainment, with an eye on futuristic developments.”

The actor stated that this is the right opportunity for artists to tell inspiring stories for OTT platforms, given the world needs art to fall back on as well as to revive the economy which is in shambles due to the pandemic. He also added that big budget movies which have larger than life experiences can wait for the theatres to reopen.

Daggubati also informed that a large part of the film industry is working remotely, especially pre-production that happens online. Many writers have also been working on fresh content from home.