Tom Holland croons desi ‘Issspiderman’ song in a promotional video for India release

As the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming nears, the excitement and curiosity to watch the young Holland in the Spidey avatar along with the favourite Tony Stark cannot be contained. At this stage, any activity surrounding Spider-Man only makes them want more. The Comic Con India (CCI) crew recently attended Sony India’s exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming media event in Singapore with East India Comedy’s Sahil Shah.  As a part of the CCI crew, Shah hosted a special conversation with the cast of the movie including the protagonist Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker and Spider-Man. In this video, Tom Holland shares his thoughts on becoming an Avenger. But the best part of the video is his reaction on discovering the Indian Spider-Man and finally belting out the popular Issspiderman-Issspiderman! song. While he has some difficulty in grasping the Hindi words, he finally manages it  making the song extremely cute and funny.
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