Tollywood space fiction Antakrisham 9000 kmph wins the best VFX Tollywood award

Space movies are rarer than rubies in the Indian filmscape yet its interesting to note that the genre seems to possess a winning streak when it comes to acceptance and accolades. To depict the celestial objects and outer space in general, one has to make copious use of CGI elements and tier-three VFX in the process. Over the last many years, scifi space movies, no matter what part of the world they originated from, got enormous amounts of success and recognition including the coveted golden statuettes. Even when the Indian movie landscape tinkered with the idea of space movies, the results were positive. Despite budgetary constraint, both in the real space mission as well Bollywood’s adaptation Mission Mangal, the operations spelled a roaring success. Down south or more popularly Tollywood, we recently witnessed a space fiction movie Antakrisham 9000 kmph which was awarded the Best VFX Tollywood award, further consolidating the likeability of the genre. Available on OTT giant Prime Video, Tollywood’s first ever space-oriented movie has managed to score well on storytelling front too. With impeccable visual effects and space depiction ranging from intergalactic space, moon and spaceships melding with a gripping plot, the movie has been received rather well by the audiences.
Prime Focus creative consultant and senior VFX supervisor Rajeev Rajasekharan took to social media to share the recent achievement. He posted on his Linkden account, “BEST VFX TOLLYWOOD ANTARIkSHAM 9000KMPH 2020 began with mighty achievements and I’m sure we’re not going to stop at just that. Kudos to all my team members for going the extra mile and making this happen.”