VFX The wait is over as Disney releases first ‘Moana’ trailer -

The wait is over as Disney releases first ‘Moana’ trailer

Adventure has no roof. When you are out on a mission, you need to cross all limits and go the  extra mile. It is boils down to a choice of either ‘Turning back out of fear or moving ahead to fight the evil’.

Disney’s upcoming animated feature Moana triggers the warrior within you to fight all odds without worrying much about the consequences. The much awaited trailer was released by Walt Disney Animation Studios recently and, it can be said that the wait for the trailer was worth it!

With green and blue visuals, the trailer opens with the extensive ocean and the merry island where life seems to be full of joy and family bonding. Too much of anything is not good, therefore too much of peace has to be disrupted by some evil too.

Fighting the ferocious lava evil becomes interesting when both Moana and the demigod Maui join hands together. But more than that, the quest for self discovery becomes far more gripping because both Maui and Moana have distinct magical abilities. Maui can change his form and is thus known as a shapeshifter. While, Moana has the ability to morph water to her will, whether it’s to spit her back up from its depths onto her canoe deck or just to give her a high-five. The ocean is her friend and therefore it probably dances to her tunes.

A journey of self discovery is not a new concept in animation but it all depends how well it is executed and how differently the story is told each time. The animation looks seamless with considerable use of colours and water creation. The hair creation of Maui and Moana specifically grabs your attention when you tend to gaze at both the characters.

The water splash, little Moana, Maui’s transformation, the lava monster, the big eyed chicken and of course the tiny coconut pirates add beauty to the whole trailer. Maui is voiced by Dwayne Johnson and the adventurous navigator Moana is voiced by Hawaiian teen Auli’i Cravalho.

Directed by veterans like John Muster and Ron Clements and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana hits theatres on 23 November, 2016.