The title of Avengers 4 will continue to be a big mystery till the release of ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer

Avengers 4The wait continues for the fans that are eagerly waiting for Avengers 4 and the disclosure it would bring. But, it is going be a while before the title for the Avengers 4 will be released to the public. Upon this, the Marvel studios president, Kevin Feige, had said that the real title for Avengers 4 is kind of a spoiler, hence the wait. Earlier, it was believed that the title would be revealed after the infinity war hype had died down. At the recent press release regarding Ant-Man and the Wasp, Christina Radish from Collider asked Feige—when will the real title come out of the secrecy. And he replied saying it is going to be a bit. Adding to his statement later, he said to Collider, “That’ll be after the Captain Marvel teaser probably, announcing that title. It’ll be towards the end of the year with however we launch that film.” Feige recently had revealed that the Captain Marvel trailer was still a few months away, so the trailer of Avengers 4 is expected to come out in November/December along with the unveiling of the title. Coincidentally or not, the trailer of the first Avengers came out in November last year. Another question that wildly lures in the thin air is “How is Marvel looking at promoting its first banner release when most of its characters are out of question to be used as they are snapped into oblivion by Tharnos?” Captain Marvel is releasing in cinemas on 8 March 2019, the UK and the US. Whereas, Avengers 4 releases from 26 April 2019, UK and 3 May 2019, the US. Additionally, Black Panther has a release schedule in mid-October.