Spoof of Avengers: Infinity War showing 5 easy ways to stop Thanos

Avengers: Infinity WarThanos, the supervillian of infinity, caused a lot of trouble and a bit of a mess at destroying the earth. After acquiring all the 6 infinity stones, he had planned to snap and wipe out half the world’s population with a belief that it is quiet required. However, the Avengers gave him a hard fight and managed to save more than just the half of the world, but ending some of their lives in this journey. Some of our beloved heroes turned into ashes and blew away with the wind, the most heartbreaking moment. All this could have been avoided if these superheroes had tried hard, not fighting but thinking it out just as a marvel fan has done. This fan has created a computer animated video that highlights the simplest ways to defeat Thanos. Take a look and decide for yourself:
  1. With Doctor Strange’s power, he can open a portal and lure Tharnos into zapping his hand in before closing the portal for good. The same trick is used by him in fighting off other anthologists. Why didn’t he do it again?
  1. Just call Ant-Man for this task. It wouldn’t have taken him years to join as he wasn’t out some in the universe, but somewhere within the world. Why not just bring him and instruct him to sneak in Tharnos ears and push your button to grow big. Here goes Tharnos’s brain just as similar to when a bomb explodes.
  1. The strong Captain America can lift a heavy car, thus lifting Tharno’s hand is not a big task for him. All he has to do is slip the gauntlet off his hand and run.
  1. Isn’t Thor really powerful and the most angriest of all? Then, why didn’t he just go for Tharn’s head? Bang it and crush it!
  1. Star-lord’s stupidity brought a lot of mess along. A winning game was lost due to him. Why just stand and watch him ruin everything and risk so many lives? Mantis could have stopped him too as she was not engaged in pulling the gourmet out of Tharno’s hand. She didn’t, but Iron man did in this spoof. The story of Tharnos ends with Start-lord who can finally be with his soul-mate, Gamora.
Avengers 4 will come out as a much stronger movie in terms of meaningful action and logic. Additionally, the comeback of various characters will mark a revolution and the defeat of Tharnos will content the Marvel fans.