VFX The popular Instagram IP, 'Tibu Comics' to get animated

The popular Instagram IP, ‘Tibu Comics’ to get animated

Tibu Comics, created by Magic Elements Studios, currently gaining popularity on Instagram will soon come to entertain the fans in animated avatar. “Tibu (or any other character which we have planned for the near future) from the beginning was made keeping in mind that it is going to be an animated series and movies. We ventured on the IG platform to get an idea of audience reaction. Fortunately for us it has been good,” said Magic Elements Studios founder and creative director Nikhil Salvi. 

The team has planned to have 26 episodes of 11 minutes each, per season for starters. At present we the studio has completed writing 10 stories and have 16 ideas in store to create the rest. But first as a warm-up to the series, the team planned on making 30 secs to one minute of videos based on the posts which are already there on IG. Salvi thinks that this might get them a sizable subscribers when the long episodes series launches.

Salvi has planned on launching all the episodes on YouTube. “The plan is to direct the current fan base from IG to the YouTube channel and grow a fan base there too,” added he.

Salvi said, “With several things in mind for Tibu, one is to create a substantial fan following which is still in the nascent stage, and can be achieved through the animated series. That’s our priority for now.”

To make the IP a success, Salvi sure has some marketing and public promotional things in mind. “As far as things like merchandising is concerned, once the above objective is achieved it will be a smoother journey than just going for it right now,”  mentions Salvi.

The team planned on using Instagram as the platform to generate some feedback initially, and very quickly saw a greater potential from Tibu than they have ever imagined. The naughty and lovable Tibu is already growing her fan base and we are eager to see her get all animated!