‘The Incredibles 2’ trailer: Raging fire and laser-beams make Jack-Jack an incredible boy!

World’s strongest family, The Incredibles, are back with a new star character Jack-Jack Parr, the super-powered baby who can stand toe-to-toe with Superman. Disney Pixar released a teaser trailer recently to share a glimpse of the prodigious-and-adorable little munchkin of the Incredibles family. In the clip, Jack-Jack shows his green laser eyes. While playing with his father, he sneezes fire, electricity, and then shoots lasers frying his dad’s hair. The long awaited sequel brings back the comedy of the first film which ends with the baby defeating Syndrome while displaying an array of attacks. The teaser to the second instalment accentuates those superpowers. Whilst the movie is still months away from getting on the big screen, the fans are already in a tizzy, and that’s plausible, for they’ve been awaiting for over a decade now. Directed by Brad Bird and co-produced by John Walker and Nicole Grindle, Incredibles 2 features the amazing music by Michael Giacchino of the prequel, and is slated to release on 15 June 2018.