‘The Flash’ season four promo: A hero is reborn as Barry returns!

We’re less than a month away from seeing Barry Allen careering around Central City like a drop of fat fizzing on a hot plate, and the latest promo of the new season in Flash teases the hero’s return.

Having departed for the Speedforce in return to save the city and Iris from the clutches of the speed God Savitar, the newly surfaced video clip shows a bearded Barry regaining conscious in a hospital.

The promo is titled “Hero Reborn” and begins with the Flash thwarting a speeding truck. Whilst he continues to recuperate, there’s a new villain in town – Baron Katana!

Though there’s little we can decipher about him from the video, his character seems inspired from the Samuroids in the comic version of Flash. Additionally, Barry’s fidus Achates Cisco Ramon promises a new suit in store for him, and also concludes the teaser with the chilling words, “The Flash is back!”

Back he is, but there’s lot more about season four to look forward to with newer villains invading Central City, newer adventures lying in wait for team Flash, Barry and Iris finally walking down the isle, and so much more!

Based on DC Comics, The Flash returns for its fourth season on 10 October on The CW.