VFX 'The Adventures of Puss in Boots' to stream fifth season today on Netflix -

‘The Adventures of Puss in Boots’ to stream fifth season today on Netflix

The whackiest of the cats is back for a whole new set of shenanigans as DreamWorks’ The Adventures of Puss in Boots readies for its fifth season of the popular animated television series.

The previous season concluded with the adorable Dulcinea battling it out with the demonic Bloodwolf to safeguard the peace and harmony of San Lorenzo. This time though, it’s a whole new ball game altogether.

Puss, Dulcinea and the rest of the hoi polloi of San Lorenzo find themselves at the daggers drawn with an army of monsters descended upon their city through the Netherworld portal. With havoc wreaking left, right and centre, Puss and his friends, also joined by the junior Puss squad, face an epic task of stopping these creatures.

They would also have to travel to the mystical land of the Netherworld through the portal to uncover the mysterious force which is orchestrating all the destruction, and pre-empt it before it burns the whole of San Lorenzo to ashes.

Sounds so interesting, doesn’t it? But you wouldn’t have to wait long to see all the skirmish unfold as the Adventures of Puss in Boots will be streaming on Netflix today onwards!

So hurry up, log on to Netflix and let the adventure unravel!