Telefónica and Dolby Sign a Global Agreement to Drive the Adoption of Premium Entertainment in Smartphones

Telefónica and Dolby Laboratories have signed a global agreement through which both companies will collaborate to drive the adoption of premium sound in smartphones. Telefónica will select the best devices from leading handset manufacturers to optimize its customers’ mobile entertainment experience through high-quality Dolby Audio. “This alliance addresses a real need now that people are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to watch movies and TV shows, play games, or listen to music,” said Telefónica S.A Global Devices Unit director Francisco Montalvo in a statement. “As mobile entertainment devices, our smartphones and tablets deserve to have the high-quality surround sound that Dolby offers.” Telefónica is already using Dolby sound technologies in its Internet Protocol TV and streaming video services. “Dolby Audio is a perfect fit for the latest mobile devices and delivers the experience we have grown to expect and demand from movies, games, and music. From subtle whispers of wind to robust explosions, Dolby Audio allows audiences to hear every aspect of the scene exactly as the artists intend them to,” added Dolby Laboratories sr VP e-media John Couling. “We’re excited about this collaboration with Telefónica to raise mobile audio quality so that consumers don’t have to sacrifice quality entertainment for convenience on the go.”

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