TBS Planet launches a mobile based comic reading app “TBS Planet Comics”

The Bengaluru based comics studio, TBS Planet, announced its mobile app titled “TBS Planet Comics” for reading comics. TBSPlanet.com, founder and CEO, Rajeev Tamhankar said, “We want people to fall in love with the world of imagination once again. We want people to be able to read comics anytime anywhere for free. There is a major population today that travels to offices and colleges in cabs, buses or local trains. We want these people to be able to read comics while they commute.” The mobile app is currently available for Android and an iOS app will be launched soon. The app currently has TBS Planet’s best selling titles like “Ved” (which is based on an action superhero character) and “13 Days” (horror comic book). It also has an exclusive comic book which is not available anywhere else titled “Get Corporated Before You Get Fired Graphic Novel Part 1”. The book is a corporate satire which revolves around an employee who launches a smartphone from China for his e-commerce company. All these books are available for free reading on the app. The mobile app has exclusive readability features which help users to move from one narration or dialogue to another very conveniently by swiping left or right.   banner asset Regarding pricing on the mobile app, Tamhankar commented, “Our main intention to keep the comic for free was so that the people can experience our content. We do not have any intentions of putting a pricing for comics in near future. In fact we have plans to launch mobile app exclusive comic books as well. Karma, our latest superhero for instance is launching exclusively on mobile app first and will then come in paperback format later.” TBSPlanet.com has previously been selected among top 100 startups of India. Founded by Rajeev Tamhankar in July 2016, the studio is home to around five different comics series (including A Flying Jatt, Shivaay) and plans to launch over five more series in coming month.