Disney encapsulates love and magic in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ live-action trailer

“Think of the one thing you have always wanted, find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart” Well known for interspersing their projects with a bit of magic and all things enchanting, Disney is all set to take on the same genre again with its upcoming live-action movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which is due for a 2017 release. The upcoming movie will be an adaptation of the 1991 animated classic film of the same name. Disney just released the first official trailer for the movie and just like others, it does look promising. With the trademark Disney polish added to the characters and settings alike, the original story tells the tale of an arrogant prince by the name of Adam, who is turned into a hideous monster by an unknown enchantress. The curse can only be lifted when he learns to love and gets loved in return, but has to do it by the time the last petal falls from the rose which blooms on his 21st birthday. A village girl by the name of Belle ventures into the beast’s castle and agrees to take the spot of her father, who has been a prisoner there. Eventually Belle observes the good side of the prince and falls for him.
However in the new trailer, there seems to be another episode which shows the uprising of the villagers, who want to finish the beast, for good. The trailer goes on to show how Belle played by Emma Watson copes up with the enchanted castle and the daily objects which are alive in there. They tell him about how the prince is not so bad after-all. In a sequence, it is also shown how the beast or Prince Adam, played by Down Town Abbey actor, Dan Stevens saves her. The visuals look absolutely brilliant and take the viewer to an era of magic and enchantments. The film is being directed by Bill Condon and the VFX for the movie has been touched up by Digital Domain and Framestore. The movie is slated for a 17 March, 2017 release.