VFX Tapinator releases 'Video Poker Classic' mobile update

Tapinator releases ‘Video Poker Classic’ mobile update

Tapinator a developer and publisher apps for mobile platforms has announced that it has launched a major update to Video Poker Classic, a video poker game on mobile.

Video Poker Classic is the most popular video poker game on iOS and is a leading video poker property on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. On iOS, the title maintains over 25,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. One of the reasons for the title’s success is its consistency with a real-world casino experience.

To quantify the size of the video poker market, they have incorporated certain gaming jurisdictions, such as Louisiana and Illinois, that have published data specifically on video poker revenue. In 2013, Louisiana’s adjusted gross video poker revenue was over $600 million and represented 20 per cent of the state’s net daily gaming revenue. In Illinois in 2013, video poker revenue was about $300 million relative to about $1.5 billion in adjusted gross casino revenue. In 2018, the revenue for the social casino market reached $5.2 billion, according to Eliers & Krejcik.

“We are excited that, with this major update, we have yet again raised the bar for the video poker category on mobile devices. We are looking forward to future updates later this year that will continue to refine and optimize our category-leading product,” said Tapinator CEO, Ilya Nikolayev.

Based on the size of the video poker market as a percentage of the real-money gaming market, we believe there to be significant growth potential for video poker within the social casino segment. Video Poker Classic has currently ranked approximately in the top 150 in downloads and top 100 in grossing within the Casino category on iOS.

Our new 2.0 version brings multi-hand capability, a popular casino feature, to the game’s core single-hand gameplay. More specifically, we have introduced triple play, five play, and ten play for all of our 39 game types. With this new version, Video Poker Classic  has the richest offering of any video poker title on mobile devices, in terms of game types, gameplay formats (single hand, triple play, five play, ten play) and overall functionality.