Super Mario Bros. now turns into an augmented reality game

Niantic’s game of Pokemon Go highlighted the potential of augmented reality in gaming like never before. Such was the response that the game ended up becoming one of the most downloaded apps in the history. Now following in its footsteps is Super Mario Bros., a 1985 video game by Nintendo based on Mario series, which has now turned into an augmented reality game developed by US-based programmer Abhishek Singh. A first-person AR version of the Mario Bros. for Microsoft Hololens, Singh demonstrated his creation after dressing up as Mario and tested it in New York’s Central Park.
The video, recorded from the camera on his headset, depicts Singh using hand gestures to stomp on goombas, shoot fireballs and eventually capture the flag and enter the castle, all of this after avoiding the pixel hills (which emerges from the ground) and other obstacles by walking around it – a feature that the original game didn’t have. Though it gives the player a very realistic experience of being in the Mario game, a more controlled environment would have done justice to the game as the field of vision is largely made up of objects which aren’t present in real. Nonetheless, Singh’s creation has left everyone overawed. The AR Version of Super Mario Bros. is an independent creation and not by Niantic, nor it is up for sale. Yet, it seems they have a new rival in town!