Studio of the week | PhantomFX

Name : Phantom Digital Effects Pvt. Ltd Location : Chennai Projects : Ghostbusters, The Little Mermaid, Underworld-Bloodwars, Supergirl, Pixels, The Walk, Sense 8, Van Helsing, Wu assassins, Project blue book,Nippon Commercial, Man in the high castle, A Christmas love story, Avengers, Transformers, Flash – TV series, Pete’s Dragon Baahubali 2, 2.o, Vishwaroopam, Syera, Saaho, Kaithi.
ABOUT: As a TPN-certified creative studio, PhantomFX has excelled in providing high-end visual effects solutions for commercials, feature films, and television media globally. The focus of the company is to provide creative, reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality VFX shots at competitive prices. PhantomFX is a full-fledged end to end creative studio specialising in Creature animations and CGI environments, based in India with offices operating in the US. The state-of-the-art designed studio infrastructure at Phantom adds a perfect balance for work and creativity. With advanced workstations and secure systems, the studio base scales well with the workflow. The experienced and core-talented artist crew along with a reliable pipeline makes Phantom capable of synergistically constructing any complex creative scripts and operate in line with the speed, volume and quality demanded by the clients. The company has the flexibility to work on any kind of project, either small or large, with faster turnaround and scalability to generate long-term value for the client.
1. What are the current trends you’re seeing in the Indian VFX space?
As more and more international studios are stepping in, there is a wide variety of opportunities for the artists to learn and evolve in the VFX space. Indian talents are poised to compete with the global counterparts, which helps us to raise our quality standards for the Indian film market as well. This trend helps both the studios and artists to remain in the forefront. As the number of talents increases, Indian VFX industry can successfully participate in the battle of well-constructed markets such as US, Canada and other countries. 2. What are the challenges in this ecosystem? Even though the potential for talented animation and VFX artists is proliferating each day, there still exists a talent shortage. The lack of qualified talent pool and the increasing number of under-skilled students passing out every year is the biggest challenge I see. Hence it remains a big hurdle for VFX companies to bridge the gap between the existing huge demand and the poaching of good talents from a well-trained organization. Studios should start focusing more on creating a balanced ecosystem of talent acquisition and training of skilled artists. It is only through the right training that good talents can be tapped in so that they provide consistent quality to their clients and help organisations grow ahead in their business.
3. What’s one message you’d like to share with the aspiring enthusiasts?  
The one thing that today’s aspiring VFX enthusiasts should know is how to practice their skills. “Practice! Practice! Practice!” is the mantra to succeed and hone your skills. There remains a huge demand for talented artists in the sphere, and all it takes is practice, training and creative skills to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd to get noticed. Keep on exploring new trends and hone up your artistic abilities and skills with an aptitude for creative mindset. All you can do is make the best use of all the online resources available to learn, look up for good artistic works and try to imitate and achieve the same quality to train yourself and develop your abilities. And again, didn’t I mention ‘Practice’, and that is what will set you apart. Life at PhantomFX is dynamic and fun. Having a diverse group of talented artists, developers, and producers, we make efforts to lift up one another. The work culture here uplifts the mood and infuses a sense of togetherness, thus making the workplace more enjoyable, productive and creative. A career with Phantom guarantees you several learning opportunities and a huge support network to help you become the best.