VFX Studio of the Week | Monky Ink Blots

Studio of the Week | Monky Ink Blots


Name of Studio: Monky Ink Blots

About the studio: Monky Ink Blots is a small scale startup one-man studio, owned by comic artist Ahmed Sikander that provides creative visualisation, graphic design and illustration services to clients as well as a platform to showcase his personal projects like paper-based products or comics.

Location: Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Projects:¬†Comic illustrations for Inside India- children’s activity book series, comics for¬†Lawtoons 2, storyboards and character designs for an explanatory video of NERL, caricatures for wedding invites, social media, and brand-related projects and many others.

What are the challenges faced by Indian comic artists? How do you overcome those?

There are a lot of factors to this both creatively and commercially, but I feel one of them is how to blend the script with the visuals to tell the story clearly. I feel studying a lot of storyboard artists and how they panel each from to show the flow of a movie would really help.

What message would you like to give to the comics enthusiasts?

Keep at creating a lot of visual content, understand the medium you are working on and as you progress, you will get better and better at it! “KEEP AT IT!”