The story behind Graphixstory winning OnBrand Award for visually-rich animation video ‘Mogum’s Dayout’

Recently, Indian studio Graphixstory won the OnBrand Video Awards’17 under the popularity category for its motion design project Mogum’s Dayout. The Video Awards held in Amsterdam give companies around the world an opportunity to demonstrate their creative storytelling talents, as the organisers believe that video is one of the strongest ways to showcase a brand at its essence and help people understand the real story behind your company. Mogum’s Dayout is a promotional brand film for an app-based omni-transport logistics service called TYGR. Dipanjan Purkayastha from Savetur Digital approached Kolkata-based Graphixstory to create a catchy explainer video featuring all the services of TYGR. The Graphixstory team first researched on the target audience, current brand position, geographical presence et cetera with TYGR providing them a brand guideline. It was established from the very beginning that it would be a storytelling video. “People like to remember stories, not facts. We all love to hear stories and share them willingly with friends and relatives if they touch our heart,” says Graphixstory founder and CEO Surajit Majhi, who has put together the project with team member Avishek Saha.
Graphixstory CEO Surajit Majhi
When it came to the theme, the team decided to go with something unorthodox and unusual. Hence they fixed upon a jungle theme as it would also allow them to incorporate interesting elements of nature, a wide range of colour palette and sound. The story of Mogum’s Dayout revolves around a jungle lad Mogum who cuts through the challenges in his day using the TYGR app. After two weeks of illustrating the entire story, the team moved on to work on 2D animation using motion graphics technique. “The restless and diverse motion of the nature is the reason this video is admired by the mass,” shares Majhi. “We used some quirky and playful motions as well as some shape layer animation to add charm to the video. Like when Miana (Mogum’s girlfriend in the video) is cutting the cake, you can clearly see a little shape layer based motion graphics animation.” When they uploaded this video project with all the details and images on the creative portfolio network Behance, positive comments started pouring in. “The comments clearly indicated that the project has served as a creative inspiration to many,” smiles Majhi. One comment from Romania’s Has Andrada read: “Wow! This project is quite amazing – fun, dynamic, colourful and elegant, all at the same time! Hats off. This exact style and aesthetic is a goal to me. Bravo!” Within a few days, Behance featured Mogum’s Dayout as One of The Best Motion Graphics Project in their curated motion gallery. “In the mid of this August, we received a message from OnBrand Magazine on Behance and they wanted us to participate in Onbrand Video Awards’17. We were quite excited. So we confirmed our participation by uploading this video in their participation form,” he reveals. Top 10 finalists were declared first (included Mogum’s Dayout) after which the videos were published for voting. Mogum’s Dayout received maximum votes, going on to achieve OnBrand Popularity Award. We too love stories, and the story of Graphixstory being one of them!