VFX ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ Trailer 2: Boyish Spider-Man finds his teacher in the eccentric Stark -

‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ Trailer 2: Boyish Spider-Man finds his teacher in the eccentric Stark

In 2015, Sony and Marvel Studios reached a deal to share the character rights of Spider-Man, integrating the bug-boy into the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2016, Tom Holland thus made his first appearance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, a big fan of Captain Rogers but fighting on the side of Iron Man. And, he killed it! In the second trailer of his standalone film Spider-Man: Homecoming, the web crawler learns what it takes to be a superhero.

The second trailer of Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming gives a deeper look into the tribulations of Peter Parker as he leads a double life. As Parker tries to strike a balance between his high school life and that of a villain-fighting masked hero, he faces the predicaments that all iconic superheroes face, only, he is too young.

Throughout the trailer, the charm of Spider-Man is not lost on Tom Holland as he does not fail to express the nervousness, anxiousness, determination, confidence and a little immaturity, for which the character is known for. His part of trying to be a “friendly neighbourhood spider-man” – as Tony Stark likes to call – lands him in lots of troubled and awkward situations, facing embarrassing moments, but he never steps down. Nothing always goes right for him, and he does not always emerge victorious. But that is the point. He will always stay the underdog.

Parker finds his friend in Ned (Jacob Batalon) who seems like a noob and is not fully aware of the powers of Spider-Man, but serves as a good friend though. The trailer also gives us glimpses of the veteran Tony Stark training Parker in his journey, and also cautioning him at times about not going beyond his capacity. “I’m just trying to be like you,” says Parker. “I want you to be better,” replies Stark. And then Parker is thrown into everything at one time. He has to fight the Vulture on one hand while Tony Stark takes away his suit on the other, saying that if he is nothing without it, he “shouldn’t have it”. And like always, in the end, he steps out on his own, all alone.

The trailer features some fantastic visuals and funny moments, nothing that we haven’t seen before, except for certain novel things that Parker’s web can do. And of course, there is Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)! What is exciting is seeing Spider-Man and Iron Man fighting side by side, as is shown in a few shots, or he probably is training him. In any case, as much as we long to see the new boyish Spider-Man, we also eagerly wait to see Iron Man playing the role of Parker’s friend, philosopher and guide.

Spider-Man: Homecoming directed by Jon Watts, produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, and distributed by Sony Pictures is slated to release on 7 July, 2017.