VFX Sony YAY partners with PVR Cinemas to bring Honey-Bunny movies on big screens

Sony YAY partners with PVR Cinemas to bring Honey-Bunny movies on big screens

Sony YAY! associates with the theatre chain PVR Cinemas for the theatrical release of Honey-Bunny in a Crazy Crazy Chase and Haunted House on 28 June 2019.

The movies will be released at PVR theatres across Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bengaluru,
Hyderabad, Chennai, Indore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. With Sony YAY! teaming up with
PVR to double the fun, fans are in for a fabulous movie-viewing experience of their favourite YAY!

Sony Pictures Networks India, kids genre business head Leena Lele Dutta expressed on the occasion that  “We at Sony YAY! constantly try to re-invent our approach with our experiential initiatives and this is another step towards giving a fresh experience to our young fans. Honey-Bunny enjoys a massive following owing to their Jholmaal bhare adventures. To give their fans another massive dose of excitement we decided to take their craziness to the large screen with the theatrical release of Honey-
Bunny in a Crazy Crazy Chase and Haunted House. We are very happy to partner with PVR Cinemas to bring this experience to life. The idea is to keep the excitement quotient going even when the kids are
back to school.”

The movie starts with Honey-Bunny setting out on a vacation that takes a hilarious wrong turn! The duo is supposed to head to Kanyakumari, but a series of unfortunate events see them following a look-alike of their owner  Katkar ending up in the sandy beaches of Goa. Just when they start to enjoy the beach vibe, the comedy of errors begins! What follows is a hilarious chase between two burglars and the toons which end with the real Ms. Katkar coming to their rescue and putting the burglars behind bars.

The fun doesn’t end there, as what follows is high on thrills and chills as the Jholmaal pair, try to get the better of a number of villains in a scary mansion. And that’s not all. The movie features a friendly ghost named Mini which is a light-hearted take on ghosts that are bound to leave kids laughing at their wits out.