Sony YAY! celebrates World Cat Day with their funny feline duo Honey-Bunny!

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior” – Hippolyte Taine 

On the occasion of World Cat Day on 8 August, Sony YAY! celebrated their own goofy feline duo – Honey and Bunny with some fun activities. Honey and Bunny are immensely loved by their young fans for their wacky and comic antics. The combination of Honey’s goofiness and Bunny’s over smartness from the popular show Honey-Bunny ka Jholmaal leaves everyone in splits. Through their adventures, camaraderie and dance moves, the adorable cat duo has entertained everyone.  So, Sony YAY! decided to make them feel special on a day dedicated to cats. The channel celebrated Honey and Bunny and called upon all feline lovers to celebrate their cats together with them. Making it an all-cat affair, Sony YAY! hosted Honey-Bunny and all the cat lovers at Cafe Pefe, a feline-theme restaurant in Mumbai. It was a fun themed party hosted by RJ Karan from Radio City 91.1 FM with a specially crafted Honey Bunny-themed menu, Jholmaal themed games and the title track of Honey-Bunny ka Jholmaal on loop for kids to have unlimited fun.