Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and Maple Media introduces skateboard game on mobile’Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam’

Legendary action sports star Tony Hawk, in partnership with Maple Media, a  mobile media, advertising and technology company, has announced the availability of Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam, a mobile skateboarding adventure that marks the global sports icon’s return to gaming. The action-packed mobile experience is free to download worldwide on the app store and is available for pre-order on Google Play. It captures the essence of Hawk’s legacy his unmistakable style, influences, and tricks are prevalent throughout the game. Hawk was intricately involved in bringing skateboarding mechanics and authenticity to the experience, including personally optimizing tricks and controls and hand-picking some of the soundtrack. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam provides Hawk a dynamic platform in his ongoing commitment to increasing the global influence of skateboarding as both a sport and lifestyle. “I’m excited to introduce a mobile skateboarding experience that conveys the sensation and thrill of actual skating. I think players of my older games will enjoy the nostalgic feel, while younger, mobile-first players will love the online competitive element. The goal is to connect generations of skateboarding fans, casual players, and competitive gamers, and this game is the ideal platform for that,” said Hawk. Teaming up with Maple Media provided Hawk with the technical expertise to bring this vision to life. Led by a team of mobile app and game industry veterans from Google, Jam City and Scopely, Maple Media acquires and operates mobile apps and games, including other award-winning mobile action sports titles – making this a seamless partnership that provided Hawk and Maple Media with a clear-cut path to make an authentic mobile skateboarding game. Currently, Maple Media operates more than 100 top apps on the App Store and Google Play, reaching more than 35 million users a month. “Tony Hawk is that rare iconic athlete who has transcended the realm of action sports and entrenched himself globally as a mainstream sport and lifestyle icon. It was incredible to work alongside Tony and witness the passion and commitment he put forth to ensure that each and every nuance of the game was technically accurate and stylistically authentic. The end result is a mobile gaming experience unlike any other that presents a level of realism and authenticity only achieved with Tony’s involvement,” said  Maple Media CEO and founder Michael Ritter. In Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam, gamers can drop into a skate session wherever they are – at home, or on the go. The game is exclusively available on iOS and Android devices. After a welcome message and training session led by Tony Hawk, players can build their skate career in ‘Career Mode’, and compete in global online tournaments known as ‘Skate Jams.’ In ‘Career Mode,’ players can explore more than 15 different skate parks across five regions, each with their own career-defining skate tournament boss level. Along the way, players can unlock 10 unique characters and over 30 birdhouse skateboards. In ‘Skate Jam’ mode, players will battle against others around the world, competing to earn the most points and climb from the bottom of the amateurs to the top of the legendary division. A race for skating glory on a global stage, ‘Skate Jam’ taps into the competitive and communal nature of modern-day gamers, and unlocks even greater rewards for the world’s best players. Top skaters can get personal shout-outs from Hawk and possibly win a real signed skateboard from Tony later this winter. In all game modes, players will experience what it’s like to skate like Tony in the  ‘Hawk Mode.’ Land enough combos and fill up your ‘Hawk Meter’ to activate ‘Hawk Mode’ and transform into Tony, massively boosting your skills and score. Players will also be able to unlock and play as Tony Hawk and equip iconic outfits from throughout his career. In Free skate mode, Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam is infinitely replayable and shareable, especially with an eight-directional joystick, which adds significantly more trick options, as well as Street, Park and Vert disciplines, each activating special tricks. While free-to-play, Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam also offers players in-game purchases to accelerate their progress by upgrading their skills and gear for maximum performance during each run. An option to subscribe for recurring boosts and additional rewards is also available. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam is available now and is free to download worldwide on the App Store and is available for pre-order on Google Play, which one can easily navigate.