SidKinG Studio reveals their upcoming game

SidKinG Studio is currently working on an upcoming narrative puzzle game; the title of which is yet to be revealed according to their official social media post . In conversation with Animationxpress, SidKinG Studio founder Kishor Berde shared that the storyline of the game is revolves on the vacation of a 25 year old  boy who lives in a city. Berde expressed that, “this is the first time I am working on a narrative puzzle game. Usually puzzles are about the regular things which we do in our day to day life and in the game it has been creatively presented.” The storyline of the upcoming game progresses when a player solves the puzzle. The game developer also revealed to us that the story writing part of the game is almost done and currently he is working on the game arts and other mechanics of the game . “This game presents a unique art style inspired paper arts and I am hand drawing all the game art the first time,” he added. Further he emphasised that the every pixel which can be seen in a game is drawn in Procreate on an iPad using Apple Pencil and it has simplified his workflow as he could sketch levels, concept arts on the go with his new art setup. The game will be available for the handhelds for Macbook and AppleTV are in his plan. He has also shared that he will reveal more information about his project on  his official social media page by next week.