Fenil Comics to release Australian graphic novel in Hindi

Ben Slabak
Fenil Comics will be releasing its first international series in January 2020, titled Exilium. It is an Australian space fiction graphic novel series written by Benjamin Slabak. The six part series was the highest crowd-funded comic book series with a collection of $26,000.  “Exilium is one of the favourite stories I have written, born out of love for sci-fi and space opera classics such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Firefly, and others. When I created Exilium, I didn’t want it to be yet another alien invasion story and instead I tried something a little different with a twist that I hoped would surprise the readers,” Slabak told AnimationXpress. Exilium is written by Slabak, created and illustrated by Salomon Farias with colourist MarcSintes. The team is spread across Australia, Chile, Spain and the United Kingdom. Slabak with his team will start production on the second series very shortly, which picks up where the first series left off.  The Hindi edition of Exilium will be available in both digital and print formats. Slabak has been collaborating with Fenil Comics since 2011 when he launched a digital comic book publishing platform in India with exclusively Indian comics, and a number of Fenil Comics titles were among them.  Fenil Comics, which started in 2011, has always loved to give something new and fresh to our Hindi comic readers. In 2018, Fenil Comics decided to launch some best sellers from international publishers in Indian languages for our Hindi readers. “We now have publishing rights of five publishers from different countries. We are planning to release our first foreign series Exilium by the end of January 2020,” said Fenil Comics founder and CEO. “I have kept in touch with Fenil and was happy to see Fenil Comics grow to become one of the best-known publishing houses in India with a large Hindi readership. I was very excited when an opportunity came up in 2019 to collaborate with Fenil Comics in publishing a number of my comic book series in Hindi, starting with Exilium. I look forward to reaching new readers and introducing them to my comics and graphic novels,” Slabak mentioned. Slabak currently has a number of other graphic novels in production which he hopes to be published in Hindi in the near future. Apart from the original English release, Exilium was translated to Japanese in 2019 and the whole team is very excited about the upcoming Hindi edition and Slabak is also planning on adapting Exilium in several other languages as well in the future.