Shudh Desi Endings’ Jack Shukla embarking on new adventures

With the rapid growth of digitisation, various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and many more, seem to have come forward to provide creators a platform to showcase their work. By leveraging the power of these online platforms, numerous artists are now attracting attention by sharing their creative talent in terms of content, by shelling out almost no amount of money in most cases. One such portal is Shudh Desi Endings (SDE), an Indian YouTube channel which creates original animated videos and spoofs. Founded by Anand Doshi and Sudhir Bagul of Mumbai-based Click Digital Studio in September 2013, the idea of Shudh Desi Endings stemmed from the similar animated web-series How It Should Have Ended in USA. They give a twist to the endings of popular Bollywood movies, as the name suggests.
‘Adventures of Jack Shukla’ (Diwali Special)
Already done with the spoof of Sanju and coming up with the same for Dhadak, the SDE team is now gearing up for their latest video of their original IP-Adventures of Jack Shukla, part of their Jack Shukla Specials. Co-produced by Doshi and Bagul, this series is an outcome of hard work and sheer dedication of the entire SDE team that consists, Bonaventure D’souza (HOD animation and director), Prashant Saste (BG designing), Pranit Bonsade (character designing), Dilip Pabalkar (animator), Sohil Lad (animator), Nilesh Prajapati (animator), Sankalp Tonape (compositor), Kunal Jhavar (compositor) and Navneet Kumar (editor). Roughly inspired from Leonardo Dicaprio’s character from Titanic, Adventures of Jack Shukla revolves around three friends-Jack, Tiwari and Mishra who go on crazy adventures and tackle situations in a creative way. The byline of upcoming Jack Shukla series is-‘Bhaiyalog creative hote hai!’
The Shudh Desi Endings team
Adventures of Jack Shukla is a brainchild of Kettan Singh, our VO artist and our team. When we first did Titanic Spoof, our audience loved our desi version of Leonardo. We then brainstormed on how we could make this a continued series and came up with this idea. Mishra is inspired on a real-life character. One of our team members used to always come up with imaginative and unbelievable stories from day-to-day life. It was funny as well as very intriguing for us,” mentioned D’souza. Owned by Click Digital Studios India, Adventures of Jack Shukla has a total of 10 episodes and is directed by D’souza. Already released on YouTube and Facebook, the next video of the series will be released on 15 August. Speaking about the creative process, Doshi said, “Our head of animation, Bonaventure sits down with his team to conduct storyboard sessions, where each scene is broken down followed by the animation process. When 50 per cent of the animation is complete, our compositing team starts bringing the BGs, characters and animation together. Once the video is done, we go into sound editing and production. We finally review the video and then uploaded on YouTube and Facebook.” “We sit down and brainstorm on the idea.  After the ideation comes to VO recording. Our VO artist Kettan Singh is the voice behind all of our characters. We record all the dialogues and while the dialogues are being recorded, our drawing artists draw all the characters. After editing the dialogues, we have the final script. We use the 2D flash symbol animation as our method. Since its faster and we are always running against time to make spoofs on latest Bollywood films, we chose to work on the 2D format,” D’souza further added on Doshi’s lines.
With the push for ‘Make in India’ gaining prominence, people at SDE seems to have taken it seriously as unlike most series that has global appeal, Adventures of Jack Shukla is purely ‘desi’ and relatable which makes the series stand out among the crowd. Besides the comedy and fun, the series also conveys a valuable message about leading life by embracing all its imperfections and baggages. Doshi concludes, “Our message is simple, happiness and friendship go long way. Hard times don’t last and being happy with friends in the present moment is all we should aim for.” Amen to that!