Holy Cow adds five comic titles to its universe

Holy Cow Entertainment, the publisher of comics in India with their commitment towards giving the best and unique comic line to their fans is here with five more titles. With comic books playing the role of a powerful medium in the field of entertainment, Holy Cow comics has understood the art to flourish in today’s tough Indian market. Fans connect with the publication because of its contemporary stories which are Indian in their own way and strike a strong bond with fans across India. “It feels wonderful working on different genres. It is wonderful to work with different writers and pairing them with perfect artists made to draw certain genres and witnessing something fresh blossoming with their combined strength,” said Holy Cow CEO Vivek Goel. Goel is completely attached to their new title Desh – The last Asuran, which is an antihero action series. It is deeply connected to Goel’s breakthrough series Ravanayan. “It was the very first character I had developed. It’s more like a father son relationship,” Goel exclaimed. Holy Cow has a decent fan following of almost 0.017 million readers. The comics are in connection with the Phase three titles and are deriving from older ones or have roots with the older and still running titles. The last Asuran is making his solo debut from Aghori – Bloodlines series whereas Shaitan – Enter the Dragon is the second volume of Shaitan – Toy Soldiers. With social media multiple creative people sharing the promotion duties with the company, the news goes deeper thus creating new readers rapidly. Goel feels that he is blessed with dedicated, honest and talented comic writers and illustrators. The team has illustrators like Harsho Chattoraj, Saumin Patel, Tadam Gyadu, Gaurav Shrivastav and Goel himself who have different styles of illustration, but their work is given another dimension with colour artist Prasad Patnaik who compliments all these artists’ artworks giving them another dimension and enhancing them further. Take a look at the five titles to be out for the fans soon:
  • The first series to come out under All New Holy Cow label is Shaitan: Enter the Dragon written by Ashwin Kalmane and illustrated by Chattoraj taking the series in a new direction, telling us the story of Major Shaitan Singh meeting a dragon in Bhutan.
  • Desh: The Last Asuran will get its own series in 2019.  Centred around a young Desh, writer Ram V and artist Shrivastava set Desh off on a one-of-a-kind road story.
  • Written by Kalmane and illustrated by Chattoraj, Ayudh is a combination of the crime and dark fantasy genres. It’s about a magician, living in the fictional city of Bombay, who invariably finds himself in trouble with monsters from other worlds.
  • Kalmane yet again serves as a writer with artist Tadam Gyadu to tell the story of O’kari, a man who was once a god, and reluctantly ascends to godhood again to save the world.
  • Age of Immortals #4, set to release in September is written by Ram V with art by Goel and surrounds a little girl, Ara who is on a journey with the dark power.
Holy Cow’s 13 issue mega crossover event starring two new characters, Ayudh (crime, magic) and O’kari (Demi God) will debut, starting with October 2019 and will continue for all of 2020, taking the company into Phase five which will be called as ‘Holy Cow Next’. And we can’t wait!