VFX Fox developing The Simpsons Movie 2, film based on Family Guy

Sequel to ‘The Simpsons Movie’, feature based on ‘The Family Guy’ and more currently in development at Fox

The Disney-Fox acquisition deal seems to be turning out as a blessing for there’s a number of projects in line including a sequel to The Simpsons Movie.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, The Simpsons Movie 2, a live-action/CG hybrid feature based on the Family Guy and an animated film Bob’s Burgers, are all currently in development at Fox.

During the 10th anniversary of The Simpsons Movie, writer-producer Al Jean and director David Silverman hinted at a follow-up movie which was in the nascent stage. Silverman mentioned that he would love do another movie featuring the beloved Springfield residents.

Released in 2007, The Simpsons Movie grossed over $527 million worldwide. It set the record for the highest grossing film based on a TV series at the time. It was also the third-highest grossing opening weekend for an animated film. The Simpsons will begin its 30th season this September on FOX-TV.

The Family Guy movie also seems quite intriguing with the blend of animation and live-action as the series creator Seth MacFarlane has already done in his film Ted.

Family Guy can do a lot with its wild premise and cast of characters, so it’s not all that hard to imagine a scenario in this film where Stewie and/or Brian create a way to another dimension, which just so happens to be the real-world dimension that we exist in.

It will be interesting to see if the show’s traditional animation style is carried over to the film, or if the characters are given a 3D CGI makeover. Family Guy will return for season 17 from 30 September on Fox.

While the Simpsons movie and Family Guy film has yet to be unannounced, the Bob’s Burgers film is set to hit the theatres in 2020.