VFX 'RotoBash'– An interesting fantasy cricketing app in India -

‘RotoBash’– An interesting fantasy cricketing app in India

Almost every human being desires fantasy- a travel down the road to an imaginative land and forget about one’s worries. Most of the movies cater to this type of audience, while the other section likes to play their favourite game with the team they favour and would like to win at any cost. He/ She would like to fantasise about playing a good game of cricket, of course virtually; and that’s where RotoBash comes in!!

RotoBash brings a world of cricketing fantasy right in their palm. Here is the download link – https://www.rotobash.com/

RotoBash is a game of skill that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge. Fans can create their own fantasy cricket team of real-life players from upcoming matches and score points based on their on-field performance, and compete with other fans to be a winner in every match. One can also select favourite leagues and contests, create a winning team and play Fantasy Cricket.

Fantasy Cricket on RotoBash is about using one’s cricket knowledge and skill to create one’s fantasy team within a budget of 100 credits. The fantasy dream team earns points based on how the chosen players perform in real-life cricket league matches.

The important thing is, these players have to be chosen before a real-life match begins. So, the game enthusiast needs to brush up their skills and kick start the journey on RotoBash.

The fantasy cricket play goes like:

Playing at RotoBash just takes following simple steps:

  1. Select Match
  2. Select League, Select Contest
  3. Create Team, elect Captain and Vice-Captain
  4. Set Batting Order
  5. Pay and enter the Contest
  6. Watch Live your team Play and Compete
  7. Reshuffle Batting Order/Use Substitute

Here the player of this game is the owner of the team, selector and also the manipulator of the game. The thrill here is directly proportional to the knowledge he possesses. Of course the user will learn by mistakes and definitely will try and win every game. It’s an adrenaline pumping exercise.

The Procedure goes like :

In higher skilled leagues, Fast Score and Max Bash, batting is restricted to only one inning or to an inning’s equivalent overs; therefore, user has to decide a batting order, batting related points in these leagues are counted until the cumulative balls faced by the players through the set batting order does not exceed an inning’s overs, that is 20 overs (120 ball faced) for a T20 match or 50 overs (300 balls faced) for an ODI match. In Fast Score, user can only set or edit the batting order until the start of the match or closing of the user registrations for such match.

While in Max Bash, user could change the batting order also while the match is in play, by switching the players along the batting order. Other leagues, Max Score and Max Boundary, are played on unrestricted batting basis, where a user’s team simply could bat any number of overs (no limit on balls faced) during the match.

In Max Score, Max Boundary, and Max Bash, users have to maximise their team’s score to win, on the other hand in Fast Score, users have to achieve a set target score in minimum number of balls (minimum number of balls faced by the batting order) to win.

For every fantasy cricket league, App presents a number of contests for the user to select and play fantasy cricket. User can select a combination of league and contest for a match to play. Once decided on a league of preference, user can select the league from a drop-down menu, to sort the contests for that particular league, and then can select the contest of choice.

Contests are designed to provide users an array of choices in terms of entry fee, competition (chances of winning) and size of the winnings.

A contest becomes active, once the required number of teams/users have registered for the contest, and until such time the contest remains inactive. As users join an active contest, prize money and number of possible winners for the contest continue to increase keeping the winning chances same.

If a contest remains in-active or it does not become active till the registration cut-off time, then the entry fee for such contests is returned to My Wallets of the participating users.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into action. Download the app that’s available on Android and IOS version. Play and win daily cash prices with your cricket knowledge.

If anyone wants to make more money then there are multiple team suggestions sites available on the web. You can refer few of them which provides fantasy cricket team for RotoBash is https://www.onlinefantasycrickettips.com/

Let the games begin!!